Dica de Leitura: Google Reader, eu não sei como desistir de você

Google Reader, eu não sei como desistir de você é o nome do texto escrito pelo Lance Ulanoff para o Mashable, mas “poderia” ter sido escrito por mim.

Porque eu tampouco sei como abrir mão dessa que é uma das melhores ferramentas da internet.

Fonte: Mashable
Fonte: Mashable

Ainda acho que no 1º de julho o Google soltará um 1º de Abril….em julho!

Ou algo do tipo.

I am in a full-on state of denial about the approaching deadline to move my news-reading off Google Reader, Google’s industry-leading RSS reader. I don’t want it to happen, although I know I am powerless to stop it.

Google Reader is how I begin my workday. It is the first web application I open, and one I turn to multiple times throughout the day. My list of feeds is longer than the Amazon. It traverses breaking news, tech updates, press releases, cultural phenomena, science and space updates and even byzantine patents. It’s a perfect reflection of my interests and world view.


List-style presentations favored by most readers, including my beloved Google Reader, are not for average consumers. They’re for nerds, geeks, tech enthusiasts, digital tastemakers and reporters. Those are the people who have been using Google Reader for years and the ones who, like me, are crying the loudest about its demise.

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