Música do Dia: The Libertines – Can’t Stand Me Now

Sempre que ouço o The Libertines eu me lembro do Solto, colega de faculdade, que tem um gosto musical sensacional…

Que fala que passa por aqui, de vez em quando.

Um abraço pra você, Solto.

The Libertines - Can't Stand Me Now

An ending fitting for the start
You twisted and tore our love apart
Your light fingers through the dark
Shattered the lamp into darkness, they cast us all
No, you’ve got it the wrong way round
You shut me up, and blamed it on the brown
Cornered the boy, kicked out at the world
The world kicked back a lot fucking harder now

If you wanna try
If you wanna try
There’s no worse you could do
Uh oh oh

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