Música do Dia: Travis – Another Guy

Música nova do Travis!

Música nova do Travis!

Música nova do Travis!

Travis - Another Guy

You can say what you want
Say what you want
But it won’t change a thing
Won’t change a thing


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Dica de Leitura: 10 Razões Para Não Desistir Do Amor

Tem algum leitor do words of leisure desistindo?


Então, talvez valha a pena ler o texto da Chelsea Fagan para o Thought Catalog, 10 Reasons Not To Give Up On Love.


7. Self-love is just as important.

It’s a cliché because it is true. If you are not happy with yourself and willing to show yourself the same kind of love and respect you want to give to others, no relationship will magically fix you. And while it can certainly be tempting to jump from relationship to relationship, because the space in between them is scary and unknown, learning how to demonstrate that love and compassion for yourself is essential (and surprisingly fulfilling). Going on a solo vacation, or even spending a few days alone — leaving your laptop at home, if you can manage it — might seem like a strange way to feel loved, but if you can be happy with your own company, you can be happy with anything.

E amem bastante, people.

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